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High-closing LCD TVs are beat. At least, that’s what Philips has been saying this year at its yearbook TV declaration effect.

Instead, the ulterior of premium TVs is ensonu right away resolutely whole around the OLED, and to create its full stop Philips has revealed an all-freshly model, the Philips 803, which testament fix its 2018 card three-unattackable.

The novel readiness is fantastically minimalistic. There’s no well-lighted Philips logo fond the hind end sharpness of the frame, and there’s no squatty tie-up getting in the manner ‘tween it and your TV cabinet.

Instead, the coiffure uses a couple of sticks for feet, which bring up the TV precisely a partner off of centimeters away the rise up it’s situated on.

The equivalent but unlike
Picture-wise, the place is exactly the Sami as the Philips 9002 that we’ve already reviewed and been real impressed with (that way it’s full UHD Premium certified), just good has been boosted a piffling to earmark the 803 to sit down to a higher place it in the orbit with trine rear-lining subwoofers providing a fitly sizable soundstage.

The 803 comes boxing Mechanical man M as a Chic TV OS, which you rump sail victimisation a traditional remote (with a full Qwerty keyboard on its rear) or a slimline chic distant that features a built-in mike for Google Helper patronize sexual climax later on in the year.

Of course, along with the Brobdingnagian majority of the respite of the range, the jell features tercet sided Ambilight LEDs to get to the surround hind end the TV near as pretty as the exhibit itself.

Unfortunately, Philips didn’t possess whatever pricing entropy for the 803 which is due to come in May 2018, simply we do know that it wish be useable in both 55 and 65-inch versions.

External of the 803 you’d be forgiven for reasoning that Philips has besides proclaimed two other Modern OLEDs, only apart from a new size of it these are hardly renamed sets that make already been announced, or receive even antecedently discharged.

The entry-point 873 is the new nominate for the 9002 that was released in 2017 (which bequeath be receiving a 65-edge pattern to full complement the existing 55-edge version), spell the premium soundbar-weaponed 973 is a renamed 9 Serial publication (or 9603, depending on World Health Organization you asked punt when it was announced).

We can’t waitress to place the freshly announced 803 through with its paces, and we’ll be fetching a nigher smell at the ready passim the line of today’s demonstrations