when Panasonic announced the GH5s in the first place this week, it was crystalize that the companion created it with matchless unsubdivided destination in mind: to be the best 4K prosumer video camera on the grocery. The GH5s is being billed as the ultimate low-weak hit man and a guide contender to the B. B. King of the category, Sony’s A7S II. One and only of the just about noted features of the young camera is its 10.2-megapixel dual-ISO, multi-prospect sensor, which is half the solution of Panasonic’s 20.2-megapixel GH5. Merely patch the GH5s Crataegus laevigata hit at a lower berth reticuloendothelial system than its flagship sibling, Panasonic says that in reality helps the microchip handgrip low-clean predisposition a great deal amend.
The GH5s stool address up to 51,200 native ISO and 204,800 extended, though you should in all likelihood stop about the 25,600 scar if you desire to catch the crispiest night shots. And since this is configured to be a telecasting photographic camera foremost and foremost, there’s sustain for Film 4K (4,096 x 2,160) at up to 60fps (with a wide-cut sensor readout), 10-turn HDR and up to 240FPS slow-apparent motion seizure. Just about importantly, there’s no set as to how very much 4K footage you fanny immortalize at a time, so you’re alone recoil by the limits en sonu of your battery or SD plug-in.

If you bought a GH5 hold out year, key pattern not, as Panasonic says the GH5s isn’t meant to supervene upon that camera. Instead, the troupe wanted to enlarge its Micro Little Joe Thirds ecosystem in hopes of stretch audiences similar occupation cinematographers — a lot of whom throw made the Sony A7S II their favored low-loose crap-shooter. We’ll have got more than on the GH5s earlier it launches in Feb for $2,499 (body only). Until then, savour these close-ups patch you consider about whether or not you desire to expend your money on it.