is fiverr a legit websiteYou sign-up on fiverr business cards either for buying or reselling a service.
If you’re buyer:
1. You seek out service you want fiverr logo design to buy.
2. You visit a set of freelancers offering same service.
3. You read their gig information, try to understand who is offering better things.
4. Additionally you compare their profile ratings and then choose a person who appears to be a fit for the work.
If you’re seller:
1. You go to your name and then visit a menu which looks something like this

2. Now go to Create a gig, and list the assistance that you would like to offer as a freelancer. Please note: ONLY LIST SERVICES THAT YOU COULD DELIVER.
3. You complete the required details like gig explanation, days to provide, gig extras, you even put in few images to make your gig look more appealing.
4. Compare your gig information with 2nd level and Top-Rated retailers and transform your life gig consequently. Always offer more than already Fiverr business Cards respected sellers do.
5. Await your first order! Get going!