Does this Name make any sense to anyone? If not, then your probably normal.

First off, what is Fiverr?

If you know that, then maybe the subject makes sense. What kind of name is this?

When I first noticed the name Fiverr I was thinking it must be German or something. But no, it’s just five plus er, or 5er.

Maybe that could have been the better website name for their website.

Anyways, a gig refers to an online micro-gig or micro-job.

It’s another smart way to generate income online from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world.

Many travelers recommend it as a way to stay afloat, fiscally speaking, when you’re traveling the globe.

Fiverr, EXACTLY WHAT IS A Gig, refers to what people want for in order to make money online for fiverr change location 5 us dollars per gig.

A lot of the jobs involve complex skills such as: writing, programming, graphic artistry, or design?

But skills on can range from funny to goofy depending on your natural charisma and personality?

fiverr gig

Like the man above who will sing Somewhere WITHIN THE Rainbow with his Ukulele from a beach.

Are you familiar with Fiverr and understand how it works to help clients and sellers equally?

Do you know very well what Fiverr gigs are better to avoid?

If not, continue reading and I’ll offer you a quick breakdown of the micro-gig website called

I’ll demonstrate what Fiverr is and how to set up a fiverr account you can use it to make money and/or outsource your own be employed by only $5 us dollars, it’s incredible.
How Does Work? is an electronic service based mostly website offering freelancers the opportunity to sell their specialty services by means of gigs, also know as micro-jobs.

Every micro-job listed on begins at $5, but can rise in price based on the buyers features.

At exactly the same time, Fiverr also allows customers an affordable way to acquire these micro-gigs at low prices to streamline their own work tasks.

Fiverr’s freelancers give you a variety of digital services such as; article writing, website reviews, visual designs, marketing promotions, programming, etc.

But they also have some fun and particularly goofy micro gigs like this guys has the following, “I will make a short video tutorial of myself dancing in spandex with a custom birthday communication for $5”.

Reminds me a bit of Will Ferrell don’t you think?Fiverr Gig

The guy is really doing a very good job with over 840 gigs and a 4.9 celebrity rating. offers the pursuing categories for Freelance Sellers & Buyers…

Graphics and Design
Online Marketing
Writing and Translation
Video tutorial and Animation
Music and Audio
Coding and Technology
& Gifts